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Technology Services

Are you facing the same problems that big brothers in your industry faced a decade back? You need not go through the same pain and reinvent the wheel – Be it your cloud requirements or business-critical app or any aspect of technology that impacts your business, help is just a call or mail away!

Whether digital or e-commerce or traditional, we are here to help

And Bang! We are starting with the agreement to help an industry-specific B2B platform to strengthen its tech backbone!


Everything about data – Our Time, tested Methodology for data-driven intelligence
Did you say Data? That is what we eat and breathe every day!
Do you see the data crisscrossing in business units your organization and there is no easy way out? Are you not able to make any informed decision? Or are you embarking on data journey? Are you losing meaningful information just because you have parallel flows from business units?

Most of the small and medium enterprises are at crossroad. The world is talking about AI & ML but these enterprises have not yet fully realized potential of BI or data.

We do not promise stars and moon, but we would like you to get realistic picture of your business using the data using proven methodology!

Enterprise Solutions


AutoSHAK® – A service relationship management tool from Smartites aimed at Automobile Dealers of all brands to plug the revenue leakage and streamline own business operations around servicing vehicles and managing pre-owned cars. Please tell us when and how we can share more details and show you the demo.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is experiencing digital disruption. The introduction of new digital financial technology is changing how banking and insurance customers access services.

Other Industries

We help to design, Develope and Deploy Industry Specific B2B Plstforms as per your needs.

SoftnSafe – Cyber Security & System’s Audit

Security is everyone’s business. More so when people are active on internet or ‘Online’ all the time. Given the scenario prevailing globally today, when hundreds of new devices are getting connected every second, the cyber-attacks are also increasing. On other hand regulation is tightening for ensuring that data remains secured. The onus of data security is falls on chosen few in the organization but it should be every one’s concern. All responsible enterprises inculcate cyber security in their culture but the loss due to cyber crime is shooting up.

SoftN brings SoftNSafe – a unique offering to medium size enterprises to stay clear of cyber murky while they expand their digital footprints. This score-based risk assessment, risk management, governance & compliance services can be tailored to a corporate’s requirements.

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