It’s passion, not only work!

Many organizations were late in adopting technology or have a little outdated tech landscape due to a variety of reasons!

Most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not produce what industry would call ‘BIG DATA’. They just do not aggregate that amount of information yet. Although the trend is changing, smaller organizations have enough data that can help them powerful insights into their businesses. We SoftN Enterprises, started by industry experts with 28 yrs of diverse experience in Technology and Management.

About SoftN Enterprises

No problem is too small to Solve


Over the last couple of decades, data & technology have become a huge differentiator for businesses all over the world. The events in the preceding few months have increased the significance of both more than ever before. The trend is clearly indicating an uptick in adopting technology, generation & storage of data. As the worst ever pandemic engulfed the world, there is no doubt that everyone would be looking at technology and data to lead them to recovery. Whatever be the trajectory of business growth, will be digital.  No one knows how the enterprises’ fiscal and marketing situation would be a few months from now or from where new growth opportunity would come from. This problem is more pronounced for relatively smaller entities.

At SoftN Enterprise we assure you that “All the ingredients of business are in place”


We have just started to solve these issues! Are you..

  • A mid to small size enterprise?
  • Looking to leverage your existing investment into data and technology to take you to the next level?
  • Or want to explore how far technology & data can take you in your kind of business?

Our Skills

98%  Technology

99%  Data Analytics

100%  Quality Assurance

Our Vision

Till very recently, most of the small & medium size enterprise have not demonstrated their faith in power of technology to take their business to the next level. This trend is changing, and we see increasingly sharpening focus on leveraging technology among these organizations. And they are big contributors to the global economy.

Our Mission

At SoftN, we are constantly acquiring right parameters to help the aspiring enterprises to harness full potential of technology and take their own corporate profile to the next level. Being in Bangalore, we breathe technology all the time.

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